Bye Bye Blues features George's guitar singing the lead vocal; made possible by using technology known as a vocoder. This device allows a human voice to articulate any other sound source - in this case, his guitar strings. By recording separate melody and harmony guitar vocal tracks in this manner, He was able to create a unique twist to this particular recording.

Instead of singing the lead vocal, Laurie sang the background vocals to some of the verses. The echoes supporting some of the background runs bounce back from various parts of the stereo Field; thus giving an explosive and sweeping sense to these particular guitar parts.

Their intent was to provide a refreshing new arrangement and exciting new take on this legendary music standard.

Released:       Sync Productions, 28 June 2016
Duration:         2:02
ISRC:              QM-7TB-16-00002
UPC:               190394664275

SR Copyright 2016 by George Bowley d.b.a. Sync Productions LLC