Elmer’s Tune was originally made famous by Glenn Miller, followed by a number of other orchestras in that WWII era.  George and Laurie's instrumental version was the very first multiple guitar and vocal recording made in their brand new 8-track studio in Burke, Virginia in the mid 1980s.

They used a special recording process in which they recorded four 7-track 1/2” tape sub-masters and then painstakingly punched in and synchronized each stereo sub-master back on to a Tascam Model 38 Master Tape.  The success of this process formed the basis of most of their follow-on multi-track recordings (prior to going digital in the 1990s).


Released:    Sync Productions, 12 January 2017
Duration:     1:25
ISRC:          QM-7TB-1700001
UPC:           1 91061 26460 6

SR Copyright 2017 by George Bowley d.b.a. Sync Productions LLC