George wrote this song as the title track for this CD of the same name, and with the intent to musically demonstrate the sound of the early overdubbing process of sequentially layering guitar parts (and vocals) one on top of another, as he had done for twenty years before multi-track recording became a reality.  It features George singing lyrics that convey his enjoyment in creating music using this classic recording process and also his fascination with its unique sound.

Now… George is the first one to admit that he is No professional vocalist; yet his vocals lend a measure of authenticity to the song's premise - since he also had to do all the vocal overdubbing in his much earlier experimental recordings - before Laurie was able to take over and add some professional class and beauty to their music!


Released:    Sync Productions, December 13, 2017
Duration:     2:23
ISRC:         QM-7TB-17-00003
UPC:           192914531616

SR Copyright 2017 by George Bowley d.b.a. Sync Productions LLC