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Live On With Guitars In Sync:

George Bowley and Laurie Dupuis



Short Bio

When George first heard a Les Paul and Mary Ford multiple guitar and vocal recording back in 1950, he made it a life’s goal to learn how to play the guitar in that style and to master the recording processes that Les used to create this fascinating sound. It took years of practicing, dissecting and characterizing every one of his records and arrangements, making hundreds of trial-and-error recordings of his own - and spending valuable time with Les Paul himself - to finally be able to recreate his exact recording and playing style.

Laurie Dupuis is George’s youngest daughter and was only five years old when she was first featured on a commercial record release. Laurie has a natural musical talent and timing instinct for recording multiple voice tracks and for creating flowing background vocal harmonies for all of their song arrangements.  Her radio-listening fans continuously comment on the sweetness and clarity of her voice.

George and Laurie record their music using modern digital computer workstations combined with older analog multi-track tape capabilities.  Although they try to preserve the original sound and feel of Les and Mary’s original monophonic overdubbing tape process, they can now take full advantage of the total stereo field and of today’s many digital signal processing techniques.  In doing so, they are now able to record unique and refreshing new arrangements; not possible with the 1950s equipment and technologies that Les had to work with back then.

They are both Grammy-voting members of The Recording Academy and George was recently honored with a Lifetime Membership by the Academy.


And Laurie is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist currently practicing in Northern Virginia.  So...
not only do they make beautiful music together, Laurie can now explain - why?  😊

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Quotes and Reviews

A must for lovers of well-crafted music, “Guitars In Sync” is a treasure for others who love the sound of Les Paul and Mary Ford.
The Bull Run Observer, February 2018

The song Guitars In Sync put a smile on my face - refreshing. Nice quality recording too.
Music Composer and Sound Mixer, March 2018

I hear in your recordings that you have experienced the very same experimentation, learning processes and all the challenges that I experienced back then.  I consider you my recording equal in this area.
Les Paul, Mahwah, New Jersey, 2003

George and Laurie are the only two people I have heard in my lifetime who have exactly duplicated the sound that Mary (Ford) and I had in the '50s.
Les Paul, The Iridium, New York City, 1997

If I didn't know it was George and Laurie, I'd swear that it was Les Paul and Mary Ford.
Ed Walker, WAMU Radio

George has probably the most prolific understanding of what Les Paul does with his multiple recordings.
Jim Evans, NET Television
Wow.  You just blew me away. And you play excellent guitar; cool vocals in the style of the 50s.  Very creative.
Award Winning Grammy Guitarist, Pacific Northwest Chapter
Your work is quite exquisite. Very unique and I am a big fan of your work.
Grammy Nominated Producer, Nashville Chapter
George, just checked out the music montage on your website.  It’s great. I’ve never heard anyone else replicate the Les Paul and Mary Ford style like that.  Nice job!  
Recording Academy Member, Texas Chapter

I just went and gave a listen to some of your music.  Very cool sound.  I could listen to that sort of thing all day long.  Well done.  Can’t wait to have the chance to hear the entire new album. 
Recording Academy Member, Los Angeles Chapter
Just listened to your guitar and vocal works.  Sounds great.. a real rare jewel these days.
Award Winning Grammy Composer, Los Angeles Chapter

Wow! Very, very cool stuff.  How did you do that?  What planet are you guys from!  Amazing...
Recording Academy Member, Nashville Chapter

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MP3 Samples

George (and later with Laurie) has been recording in the style of Les Paul and Mary Ford for over 40 years.  Here are a few audio samples of their instrumental and vocal music:

To hear other samples of music recorded over the past 40 years, please visit the audio player located at the top of our sidebar.


Watch a video of George and Laurie's television performance of "Some Of These Days" on the nationally syndicated NET cable network - Below

More videos of their Les Paul and Mary Ford recording and performance style can be viewed in the video section of this website by clicking here.

Photographs involving George's relationship with guitarist Les Paul, and of George and Laurie's recording and music journey, can be found by clicking here.

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