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George and Laurie are the only two people I have heard in my lifetime who have exactly duplicated the sound that Mary (Ford) and I had in the '50s. 
Les Paul, The Iridium, New York City, 1997

I hear in your recordings that you have experienced the very same experimentation, learning processes and all the challenges that I experienced back then.  I consider you my equal in this area.
Les Paul, Mahwah, New Jersey, 2003
If I didn't know it was George and Laurie, I'd swear that it was Les Paul and Mary Ford.
Ed Walker, WAMU Radio
George has probably the most prolific understanding of what Les Paul does with his multiple recordings.
Jim Evans, NET Television
Cool.  I like what I heard on your site.  Please send me a sampler when you are done with your CD.
Grammy Winning Producer, Philadelphia Chapter
Wow.  You just blew me away. And you play excellent guitar; cool vocals in the style of the 50s.  Very creative.
Award Winning Grammy Guitarist, Pacific Northwest Chapter
Your work is quite exquisite.   Very unique and I am a big fan of your work.
Grammy Nominated Producer, Nashville Chapter
You sound amazing!  Best of luck on your new beautiful website.
Grammy Nominated Bassist, Philadelphia Chapter
Wow! It sounds like you have worked very hard to achieve the sound, style and expertise that you have mastered.  The guitar runs and overall timbre are very unique. 
Noted Award Winning Grammy Composer and Concert Pianist, New York Chapter
Just listened to your guitar and vocal works.  Sounds great.. a real rare jewel these days.
Award Winning Grammy Composer, Los Angeles Chapter
...enjoying the feel, vocals and harmonies - definitely capturing that 50s vibe...
Award Winning Grammy Singer/Song Writer, San Francisco Chapter

Other Grammy Member Comments

George, I absolutely LOVE the type of music you play.  Please give my regards to Laurie as well - she sings some gorgeous harmonies. Texas Chapter
I think your samples are amazing and I love the guitar playing. Florida Chapter

Wow George, just checked out the music montage on your website.  It’s great. I’ve never heard anyone else replicate the Les Paul and Mary Ford style like that.  Nice job!  Texas Chapter

I just went and gave a listen to some of your music.  Very cool sound.  I could listen to that sort of thing all day long.  Well done.  Can’t wait to have the chance to hear the entire new album.  Los Angeles Chapter

It’s wonderful music! So pure. It’s not from another era.  It’s timeless, futuristic. San Francisco Chapter

Wow! Very, very cool stuff.  How did you do that?  What planet are you guys from!  Amazing... Nashville Chapter

Just had to tell you how much I enjoy your work.  Very nicely done. Philadelphia Chapter
...the guitar style that you execute here - modern yet retro, dreamy, effervescent, spacious.  I am super excited to hear the album... New York Chapter

Great sound and serious chops. New York Chapter

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