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This rendition of Some Of These Days is a unique and fast-paced recording of a classic old music standard including both an analog tape and digital tracks. The song was written back in 1910 and was first recorded in the mid 1920s by the infamous Sophie Tucker. It became her signature theme song throughout her music career.
Laurie’s vocal rendition hints of the bawdiness of Sophie Tucker's characteristic performance style. She recorded six individual melody and harmony tracks that were then spread out from left to right to achieve the spacious fullness that you hear.
The instrumental arrangement purposely features intentional harmonic dissonance that heightens the tightness of the multiple guitar mix. This was one of the very first eight track recordings they made where George began experimenting with his “Music in Motion” concept. He purposely toggled certain instrumental parts from left and right in order to create an illusion of guitars talking back and forth to each other. Later on, he greatly expanded upon this concept, as you will hear in the songs that follow.