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As a teenager back in the early fifties, George had always hoped that Les Paul's next recording would be this song. It seemed to be a perfect instrumental for Les’ syncopated style of recording - full of high speed runs, echoes, muted verses and other familiar playing signatures. George even imagined the exact arrangement that Les probably would have done, and he has carried this arrangement around in his head for over 60 years.
Les never recorded it, of course. On one of his visits to Les’ home in Mahwah NJ in later years, George asked him why he had passed up such an obvious perfect instrumental? Les shrugged and said “No time." George told him that He would record it then. Les said “Go for it”. So he went for it.
136 individually recorded digital tracks, bussed to 41 stereo submaster tracks, and then to a 2 track stereo master later ... here it is... The final result brings back fond memories of the old "Les Paul Sound" of the 1950s - and serves as their musical tribute to Duke Ellington's brilliant composition.