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It took 28 tracks to record this song - and it was all done with one 8 track tape recorder! It was originally recorded back when 16, 24 and 32 track recorders were not commonly available to independent musicians.
Actually, George and Laurie recorded four separate eight track tapes; one each for the rhythm, lead guitars, lead vocals and instrument/vocal backgrounds - and then created separate 1/4” stereo master tape mixes for each of these four groups. Afterward, they transferred these four 1/4” stereo master tapes back onto one new blank eight track tape - from which they mixed and created the final stereo song.
The most difficult part of this entire operation was the continual need to keep the music content in each of the separate 1/4” master tapes in exact synchronization with all the musical content in the other three master tapes. It took days of trial and error editing in order to compensate for the minuscule changes in tape speed and tempo that had occurred because each of the four tapes had been recorded at separate times.
But this labor of love has resulted in a seamless high tempo rendition of this long- standing music standard.