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Current Activities 

May 2018 - Had an amazing one-hour magazine photo shoot for an article about us - probably out in July.  Great photographer - lots of fun!  Posted a video of one on the many songs that we performed on TV back in  the 1990s with Washington DC radio celebrities Bill Mayhugh and Ed Walker (sightless). That was over twenty years ago!  Had a fun time being the opening act for the Everly Brothers Experience Show last month and receiving a standing ovation at the end.  We're busy planning our next performance and recording some new singles in the process.  Stay Tuned! Currently in studio recording a snappy version of "Deed I Do" to be released as a single later this year.  Continuing to post our YouTube videos and MP4s on social media each weekend.

June 2018 - Started posting our CD Album Notes (from our 16-page CD Booklet).  See the "CD Album Notes" Tab on the Left Sidebar.  Joined The Indie Collaborative and looking forward to interacting with our musician friends in that arena.  Posted link to the 2nd part of our CD Album Notes Booklet: "2. George & Laurie".  See #guitarsinsync.  Posted link to the 3rd part of our CD Album Notes Booklet: "3. Overdubbing".  See #guitarsinsync.Zone Music Report tweeted a short recognition and review of our CD.  Thank you ZMR!  Posted link to the 4th part of our CD Album Notes Booklet: "4. Magnetic Recording. Released our recording of "Guitars In Sync" (The Song) as a Single.  Updated our Press Kit and Reviews Pages.

July 2018 - Prince William Living Magazine published a superb article about us and our recording activities. Released the following CD Tracks as Single Recordings for individual searches and downloading/streaming:  "I'm Beginning To See The Light", "Stumbling", "How High The Moon", and "Some of These Days".  Submitted Seven Entries to The Recording Academy For Grammy Nomination Consideration.

August 2018 -   Released our recordings of "I'm Sitting On Top Of The World", The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise", "I'm Conferssin" and "Vaya Con Dios"  as Singles.  Busy recording, performing and preparing for Grammy FYCs.

September 2018 - Prepared performance background track for upcoming performances. Prepared promotional materials to post in advance of social media posts of past CD Reviews and Grammy "For Your Consideration" (FYC) solicitations.

October 2018 - Received an exceptional review of our CD from Blues Matters Magazine; one of United Kingdom's foremost music magazines. Starting posting Reviews Banners on social media in advance of the start of Grammy First Ballot Voting (on 17 October). Most all activity has centered on promoting Grammy  "For Your Consideration" posts for our CD Entry "Guitars In Sync" for Best Engineered Album - and our single "Whispering" as Best Arrangement. Also listened to all music links provided by other artists for vote consideration. Submitted our first ballot Grammy votes. Grammy voting ended on the 31st.  Nominees to be announced on December 5th.

November 2 - Started to prepare for our next performance and starting to record a number of new singles for 2019.

November 29 - Performed at the Bull Run Library (North of 50 Group).  Great audience, informal setting - and fun time!

Thanks Prince William Living Magazine For A Great 2-Pg Article About Us!

Click Below To Read Article:

And Thank You to Blues Matters Magazine for an Exceptional Review of our CD!

Previous events


"North Of 50" Meeting

Bull Run Library, Manassas, VA

Music Performance and Lecture about Les Paul and Mary Ford

Everly Brothers Experience Show

Heritage Hunt Country Club, Gainesville, VA

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