The CD Album "Guitars In Sync" comes with a 16 page Booklet of Album Notes that discusses George and Laurie's backgrounds and the paths that they have taken in order to reach this point in their careers. It also provides a paragraph or two about each of the twelve songs contained in this album (Track Notes).

But, in addition, it uniquely contains a number of pages that address the evolution of recording technology (written in layman's terms) from the early days when Les Paul and Mary Ford "overdubbed" their monophonic music back and forth between two disc lathes or tape recorders - to the current digital stereo recording techniques that George and Laurie have used to create their own multiple guitar and vocal CD.

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1.  Introduction

2.  George and Laurie

3.  The Overdubbing Process

4.  Magnetic Tape Recording

5.  Multi-Track Recording

6.  MIDI

7.  Digital Recording

8.  The Guitars In Sync CD

9.  Track Notes