Welcome To Our Music In Motion!
If you're a fan of the scintillating echos and syncopated rhythms of
Les Paul and Mary Ford, Chet Atkins and others...

You Are Going To LOVE The Music That Laurie and I
Record and Perform!


Recent Activity


2017 - We spent most of the year recording our new 12-track CD “Guitars In Sync” that we released in December. 

2018 -  Received exceptional press reviews for our new CD. We focused more on performing this year and realized how much folks still want to hear the Les Paul and Mary Ford style of music.  Many standing ovations! We were considered for a Grammy Nomination for our CD this year. 

2019 - This year was a mix of recording and performing. We also initiated actions to digitally update and remaster some of our much earlier work.  We plan to release a new song each month during 2020.

April 2020 - Released our first single of 2020: "Mr And Mrs Snowman" and released "Falling In Love With Love" in mid-April.  Many more on the way this year! The COVID-19 Virus has temporarily put a halt to recording Laurie's vocal tracks - but needed instrumental backgrounds are still in production.

August 2020 - Returning to vocal track recording.  Five songs are currently in various stages of production. Hope to release one or two shortly - and once a month in 2021!  Still haven't resumed our performances yet. Too early.


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Our Current Release

April 2020

Sample:  Our 12-Track CD


April Heritage Hunt CC Performance
Cancelled due to COVID-19

Remaining 2020 Schedule Held In
Abeyance due to Virus Situation


16 October 2019  10:30am
Hylton Performing Arts Center
Manassas, Virginia

21 September 2019  2:00pm
Haymarket/Gainesville Community Library

23 June 2019  2:00pm
Dunbarton Country Club

9 May 2019
Regency Dominion Valley Country Club

29 November 2018
Bull Run Library
North of 50 Group

12 April 2018
Heritage Hunt Country Club
Opening Act For The Everly Brothers Experience Show


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